Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Violent Games Children shouldn't be playing

I am an avid player of Black Ops WWII, and a lot of times I hear children playing the game. I think parents should be held accountable for allowing young minds to play games that desensitize their minds that are not ready to distinguish the differences of violence and what is the programing of them to violence without consequences. 

I think that all states should pass a law or even make it a federal law that prohibits parents from allowing children under the age of 18 to participate in these games. I would support a law that would allow adult users when hearing a child playing these violent games to take down the shooters name and turn it into the appropriate authorities to allow them to enter the home and remove the game console and fine the parents with child neglect. When the parents are gone most of these kids are very confrontational, using adult words and often show signs of hatred, violence and a complete disregard of human emotions and other players.

Parents don't seem to care about their children and how their upbringing is being influenced by these violent games. There are so many games out there that are geared for children and often many help in a positive way to build strong minds for these children,

Parents that allow this should pull their heads out of the sand and care for your children's development. Get them away from games and take them outside, because there are many activities that will help your child become a positive influence in their community.

I think the most basic thing parents can teach their children is respect for their elders, that honor can never be taken from them but it sure can be given away. Teach them to care about others and over look those with disabilities. To have compassion for their fellow man.

Laws can help to enforce better actions of bad parents, but it is really up to the parent.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump

I have been thinking of ways we could help the veterans. As everyone knows you don’t spend the salary you get from being in office. Have you considered using that money to purchase retirement trailers and putting them in a park that is geared for helping the veterans? Maybe a recreation center, tennis courts, racketball and other means of exercise for the benefit of helping veterans and those with disabilities.

Your faithful supporter, Gordan Elvis Graham.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Death, A Poem


The devil may tell you that you are going to die
Know that Christ say’s it is a lie
Even if a disease is known to kill
It is by his stripes that we are healed

When doctors tell you that you are through
Christ and his word will see you through 
When fear and hopelessness tries to creep inside
I look to the cross and his bleeding side

I am sheltered under the wings of Christ
For. All my sins he paid the ultimate price
For on of these days when my time is ore
I will cross that river to the golden shore

So put your trust n Christ alone
For he has prepared you a brand new home.

God Bless
Gordan Graham


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Murderer, Theodore Kaczynski the Unabomber

I just watched a series about Theodore John Kaczynski, or as many who know him as the Unabomber. From 1978 - 95 Ted Kaczynski killed three people and wounded and maimed twenty three others. With an IQ of 167 he earned his doctorate at age 25. He hated the industrial revolution and technology and while I watched the program it seemed that the writer of the series wanted to project why Ted did the things he did by showing the mistreated side of Ted's early life. 
As I sat there watching the series I couldn't help falling into the trap of feeling sorry for the misguided little boy with all his knowledge and supposed wisdom drove his ideology that took the lives of those he had chosen. The FBI profiler feels his need to connect with Kaczynski furthers the case that people should try and understand the Unabomber's actions. 
It is my heart felt idea that we should not care about what drove the Unabomber to do the things he did, by giving him a stage to publicize his beliefs but to make the victims the center piece of the story and how he destroyed their lives and the lives around them. When the Unabomber is sentenced to life without the possibility of parole to be carried out in solitary confinement this is not what happened. 
Ted Kaczynski is still writing and spewing his thoughts to the world. He also conversed with Timothy McVeigh, the one responsible for blowing up the Murrah Federal Building killing 168 men, women and children, and Ramzi Yousef, the man behind bombing the World Trade Center in 1993.
Has Ted Kaczynski the Unibomber learned anything about what he did and the lives he has selfishly taken?
Ted Kaczynski should be portrayed as the monster he is and that no matter how much someone does'nt  like society they don't have the right to take another persons life.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

United Nations

Listening to the new talk about the United Nations and their disagreement with our president, Donald Trump has prompted me to write this blog. The UN has become more and more irrelevant to many Americans, especially this one.
I really wish our president would pull out of the UN and drive them from our shores. We as a people do not need any other initity to tell us what is right or wrong in what American's should or should not believe. America is already taking a bigger role in policing the world, using our military to help other nations fight against genocide, terrorism and other influences of neighboring countries.
America has taken the higher road in backing the small country of Israel, a country that is built on the same principles of freedom and democracy. The president has fulfilled many of his campaign promises and backing Israel is one of the promises that this nation has always supported, even if past presidents didn't have the backbone to stand up for our number one alley. We should not as a free country who receives no money or support from other countries allow anyone to tell us whom we support or where we want to build an embassy.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How does art speak to you?

Art should speak to you, it should share its story. Art is a powerful way to share ideas, a story, a message to the observer. It should speak volumes without saying a word, move and motivate you to a deeper understanding. However, I have a question? Should everything that is created be called art? It seems that everything that is illustrated is tagged with the word, "artwork". However does that mean everyone that scribbles something on paper considered artwork?

The reason for this post is something that has bothered me most of my adult life and even when I was in school, which I must confess was some time ago; is Andy Warhol all that and a bag of chips? Andy Warhol and others create artwork that looks like the artwork that my nephews created when they were just children and it was taped to the refrigerator door. I have to ask that question, is that considered art? Is doodling on a piece of paper when you are on the phone, is that art? A picture of an aspirin bottle, is that considered art? Art is created when an idea is put on paper or some other substrate, but it doesn't make you a great artist, that takes years of mastering your craft.

In the printing industry every element that goes on the page is called artwork, except the photographs, and they are called halftones. That is a whole other topic that will not get into, but is everything created by anyone make them a great artist? I will have to say no.

Was Andy Warhol a great artist? no in my opinion he was not, but that is just that, my opinion, and it really doesn't matter a bit. However, does it make me cringe that he took Marilyn Monroe and added some color to her lips and eyelids and then called it art, does that make it art? Not to me.

Art is subjective and to everyone it means something different. It can be interpreted differently. This is just a blog of this authors ideas, not a book, so I will keep it short. Expand your minds and ask yourself, what does art mean to you?

Art is one of the most important aspects of our lives. From the beginning of time there has been art; on cave walls, on canvas and paper, carved into wood, painted on everything you can think of, but art helps to inspire, to create ideas, to make life better. Almost everyone has that desire to create it. As children we drew on our parents walls and didn't worry if it was good or not, we just had that desire to create. So go out there and create, or just go to the nearest gallery and enjoy the beauty of creation.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Final post for Abandoned

I walked to the opening and knelt down, crawling through a gap in the fence. The first thing I saw was a large trash pile. There were probably fifteen or twenty kids or more that were of different ages, several younger, and a few older than myself. They were sifting through the rubble trying to find something to eat. I noticed a little girl in rags as she squatted over a small food can, reaching her hand in and digging out its contents. I watched the dog trot around the trash pile until he was out of sight. I stood there for several minutes as I watched the scene unfold before me. These kids had been abandoned like myself and this was the only way of survival, to eat from a trash pile. I saw several rats the size of small cats scurrying around the refuse, oblivious to the children who were in competition for the few scraps of food that were left.
I stood leaning against the wooden fence that hid the garbage pile from the rest of the city. The lack of food and water had taken its toll on me and the world began spinning as I fell to the ground. Trying to keep pace with the mangy dog had taken the last bit of energy I had. I began to crawl toward the heap in front of me but the dizziness made me sick and I began to vomit, but there was nothing left for me to throw up. I saw something wrapped in paper as I crawled closer to the trash and as I reached out for the contents that were hidden by the paper a boy who looked about the age of eight stepped on my wrist and I turned loose of my prize.
“I’ll take that”, he said as he reached down and picked the package up. He grabbed me by my hair and turned me over. He then bent down, his face within inches of mine and said, “You don’t eat until the rest of us get what we want,” he paused. “Then you can eat.” I was too weak to offer any resistance. I crawled back toward the fence as the last of my energy began to fade.
Sometime during the night, I awoke, my mind clear as I lay facing the night sky. I tried to get up but didn’t have the energy to move, so I relaxed as I felt my heart began to beat faster and faster. I lay there wondering were my mommy was and what she must be doing. Questions clouded my mind as I lay there, then I must have fallen to sleep.
I woke the next morning and I felt much better, matter of fact, I wasn’t hungry anymore, or thirsty or weak, I felt fine. I stood up and noticed there were kids sleeping all around the dump. One of the kids stood there looking in my direction as I said, “Hi”, but he didn’t answer. I noticed he wasn’t looking at me but behind me. I turned and to my shock I saw myself lying on the ground. “How could this be?” I asked myself out loud. I turned and ran to the young boy who was now standing, looking at my dead body, but he couldn’t see me. I reached out to grab him by the shoulder, but my hand went through his shoulder. I shouted to him but he didn’t answer or acknowledge me. It could only be one thing, I was dead and the only thing on my mind . . . where is my mommy? Would I travel thought eternity searching for her, longing for her embrace?

“In 2004 there were over 143 million orphaned and abandoned children, in 93 developing countries, worldwide. This is 8.4 % off all children in the world.” All I can say is, that is way too many.
(unicef) http://www.ance.lu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=25:facts-a-numbers-about-orphaned-and-abandoned-children&catid=11:fice-europa&Itemid=20